Collection: Dormant Beauty of Nature

Inspired by the dormant beauty of nature these additional expandable pieces are designed to match previous collections. Utilising our signature functional design, we create clothes that last up to 3 times longer. Timeless, Lasting, Nature inspired they are to be worn as long as they fit and by whoever they fit on and be passed on to the next child in line. 

Dormant Beauty of Nature
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Close the Loop

We are here to buy our clothes back from you! Exactly - You got this right! You can get back up to 50% of the original price of an item returned in "excellent" condition, 30% for an item in "good" condition, and 20% for the "satisfied" condition of a returned garment. 


  Why do we need our clothes back? 

To close the textile loop and/or prolong a life of a garment when it is possible! 

  What do we do with the returned clothes? 

Items in "satisfied" condition go straight to our partner’s recycling station. Clothes in "good" condition go to the chosen charity. And we have set up Shëlk Wear Re-sell for pre-loved pieces with a great price tag. 

  How to return your clothes?

If you are sure that your children have truly maxed out on the garment’s life and it cannot be passed on to anyone else in your social circle, please return it back to us. 

To do so: send an email to to obtain a form quoting the “Close the Loop” Program. You will then receive a step-by-step guide.

The credit from sold items is redeemable towards your next purchase with us! Help us to contribute to your sustainable choices!