Our Commitment

Lasting Design

Shëlk Wear is acting as an antidote to fast-fashion. Our sustainable design focuses on creating clothing that lasts up to 3 times longer than any other conventional children's wear.  A garment’s usage prolonged for at least 3 months results in 8% of carbon 10% of water and 9% of waste savings associated with the production of raw materials, garments, and disposal (WRAP, 2019). 

Close the Loop

We are here to buy our clothes back from you! Exactly - You got this right! You can get back up to 50% of the original price of an item returned in "excellent" condition, 30% for an item in "good" condition, and 20% for the "satisfied" condition of a returned garment. 


  Why do we need our clothes back? 

To close the textile loop and/or prolong a life of a garment when it is possible! 

  What do we do with the returned clothes? 

Items in "satisfied" condition go straight to our partner’s recycling station. Clothes in "good" condition go to the chosen charity. And we have set up Shëlk Wear Re-sell for pre-loved pieces with a great price tag. 

  How to return your clothes?

If you are sure that your children have truly maxed out on the garment’s life and it cannot be passed on to anyone else in your social circle, please return it back to us. 

To do so: send an email to info@shelkwear.com to obtain a form quoting the “Close the Loop” Program. You will then receive a step-by-step guide.

The credit from sold items is redeemable towards your next purchase with us! Help us to contribute to your sustainable choices! 

Zero Carbon Deliveries

Shëlk Wear has been taking all necessary steps to get closer to carbon-neutral operations goal. We have chosen to offset carbon emissions from order deliveries because we think that offsets are a necessary tool, especially until there will be a better technological solution to lessen emissions.We have adopted this measure that is a part of a greater strategy:

-Reducing direct emissions as much as possible.

-Offset all remaining emissions.

When looking for a Carbon Offset project to get involved in we have come across PACHAMA (https://pachama.com). The company employs global cutting-edge technological advancement to unify the global effort to preserve endangered Amazonia. They believe that “putting better data in the hands of people who care can create a healthy, living planet.”  We fall in with their values as we also think that progress, creativity, and entrepreneurial enthusiasm utilised for the right causes are at the forefront in achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030 set by United Nations. 

We are committed to constantly be looking for ‘greener’ ways to operate our small business, be it through design, materials, or technological solutions.

Support Children

We are delighted to announce that SHELK WEAR is now supporting SOS Children’s Villages!



For us, being an eco-conscious business is one of our priorities. Childhood is our passion! And we truly believe that every child deserves to grow up in a safe,  loving, and prosperous environment. It is heartbreaking to know how far from the reality that is. That's why it is so important for the little ones in need to have this initial help to be thriving in life!


“SOS Children’s Villages works in 136 countries and territories across all 5 continents. Worldwide, they run 559 Children’s Village communities, 713 youth programs, and 452 schools and vocational training centres, working with local staff who specialise in healthcare, education, and child welfare“


We cannot be more sure that our chosen Charity is the best at providing every child with a loving home where they feel safe, loved, and supported.


SHELK WEAR is committed to giving 2% of the retail price of each item to SOS Children’s Villages! Together with our customers, we shall be able to contribute to great projects with great meaning! 

You can learn more about previous and current projects, ways to support and how to increase awareness about the Charity on https://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/