Our Commitment

  Lasting Design

Shëlk Wear is acting as an antidote to fast-fashion. Our sustainable design focuses on creating clothing that lasts up to 3 times longer than any other conventional children's wear.  A garment’s usage prolonged for at least 3 months results in 8% of carbon 10% of water and 9% of waste savings associated with the production of raw materials, garments, and disposal (WRAP, 2019). 


      Sustainable Fabrics

Our mission is to create lasting designs made from sustainably sourced materials. We take that as a priority when it comes to delivering quality pieces for you and your children. Fibres we use and plan to use are either organic, recycled, or sustainably sourced.                                                     
  • Excess Cotton. We use ‘leftover’ cotton that might otherwise have been   discarded,  and repurpose it into a lasting garment. Our very first Grow- with-me Collection entirely made from excess cotton. 
  • Organic Hemp. A unique structure of natural cellulose fibres in hemp       clothing produces a combined effect of breathability while being able to   insulate at the same time. This makes it a perfect fabric for non seasonal lasting pieces. Additionally, the plant naturally requires very little water  and  no harmful chemicals to produce a high amount of fibre.                            
  • Tencel ™. One of the most sustainable plant-derived fabrics. It is made  using a closed-loop process, meaning its chemicals and water are recycled and never released into the environment. The end garment made of this fabric is extra soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear.                          
  • Organic Cotton. The cultivation process is optimised ensuring a reduced  amount of water, energy, fertilisers and chemicals used.                                       

       Close the Loop Program

We are here to buy our clothes back from you to close the textile loop and/or prolong a life of a garment when it is possible. You can help us to contribute to your sustainable shopping habits by taking part in our recycling/up-cycling scheme.


       Carbon Dioxide Offset

Shëlk Wear has been taking all necessary steps to get closer to carbon-neutral operations goal. We have chosen to offset carbon emissions from order deliveries because we think that offsets are a necessary tool, especially until there will be a better technological solution to lessen emissions.
We have adopted this measure that is a part of a greater strategy:
-Reducing direct emissions as much as possible.
-Offset all remaining emissions.
When looking for a Carbon Offset project to get involved in we have come across PACHAMA  https://pachama.com. The company employs global cutting-edge technological advancement to unify the global effort to preserve endangered Amazonia. They believe that “putting better data in the hands of people who care can create a healthy, living planet.”  We fall in with their values as we also think that progress, creativity, and entrepreneurial enthusiasm utilised for the right causes are at the forefront in achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030 set by United Nations. 
We are committed to constantly be looking for ‘greener’ ways to operate our small business, be it through design, materials, or technological solutions.