Our Commitment

A garment’s usage prolonged for at least 3 months results in 8% of carbon 10% of water and 9% of waste savings associated with the production of raw materials, garments and disposal (WRAP, 2019). Our mission is to create lasting designs made from sustainably sourced materials. We take that as a priority when it comes to delivering quality pieces for you and your children. Fibres we use and plan to use are either organic, recycled or sustainably sourced. 

  • Excess Cotton. We use ‘leftover’ cotton that might otherwise have been discarded,  and repurpose it into a lasting garment. Our very first Grow-with-me Collection entirely made from excess cotton. 
  • Organic Hemp. A unique structure of natural cellulose fibres in hemp clothing produces a combined effect of breathability while being able to insulate at the same time. This makes it a perfect fabric for non-seasonal lasting pieces. Additionally, the plant naturally requires very little water and no harmful chemicals to produce a high amount of fibre.
  • Tencel ™. One of the most sustainable plant-derived fabrics. It is made using a closed-loop process, meaning its chemicals and water are recycled and never released into the environment. The end garment made of this fabric is extra soft, breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • Organic Cotton. The cultivation process is optimised ensuring a reduced amount of water, energy, fertilisers and chemicals used. 

We are committed to constantly be looking for ‘greener’ ways to operate our small business, be it through designs or materials.